Her Highness {H.H} Duchess Dr. Elham Madani is a worldwide multi-award film producer/director, world humanitarian leader, global peace ambassador, human rights advocate, founder of Mighty Vision Pictures Inc., W.I.N.D International Film Festival, and World Cinema Academy. 

Dr. Elham Madani was born in Tehran, Iran, the only child of an American-Persian physician couple. Her early aspirations for a career in the medical field were quickly surpassed by an intense passion for acting, dancing, and singing. As a youth, she lost her mentor and mother in the war, an event that had a great impact on her life. The deep wound that she felt made her determined to become both a great filmmaker and an activist for the rights of women and the underprivileged.

She finished her Master degree in Art and Linguistics In 2001 and left Iran for India in order to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. In 2002, she returned to Iran and continued her professional training with the goal of someday moving to Hollywood. In 2005, she immigrated to Canada, later graduating from Film School in Toronto. In 2013, she moved to Los Angeles to expand her career and graduated from the Los Angeles Film School at the top of her class with a degree in Cinema Production. She has been honored with Doctorate Degrees in Linguistics in 2017 and Doctorate in Film Producing and Directing in  2018 while she continue making films with the great powerful message of humanity. She is working tirelessly as a global inspiration to filmmakers, talented people, and artistic women around the world.

Her unique imagination, energetic spirit, and bold personality in front of and behind the camera are what make Elham a distinguished director. She communicates through images that touch people’s hearts, to give them hope and bring a message of peace, equality, and humanity. In 2015, the Indonesia Royal family awarded her the Gold Medal of Peace and, along with the Arts4Peace Organization of Los Angeles, recognized her as their Ambassador for Peace. In 2017 she received the honorary medal from the mayor of Artesia in humanity and shawl of honor from commissioner of art from Artesia. She received a platinum medal of peace and humanity from World Peace Diplomacy Organization from India in 2017, an organization founded by His Excellence Dr. GD. Singh and was bestowed medal of honor for her community and youth advocacy efforts in peace, education, education equality, and sustainable development goals from United Nation Southern California Division in 2018.

Elham’s anti-war and humanitarian films have earned her the rank of the best female director in several international film festivals. She is a creative storyteller with an important message working to increase recognition for underprivileged and underrepresented people worldwide. She has been dubbed: “The Queen of Empowerment & Inspiration” — for her filmography, work ethic, and humanitarianism.

Since early 2011, she has served as a juror for several Film Festivals in Paris, Spain, India, and the United States. She has directed and produced over 80 films and music videos as well as three feature-length documentaries since 2005. Elham is the Founder, Director, and President of the World Cinema Academy, INC that actively organizes workshops and events that promote art and filmmakers throughout the worlds, through her amazing festival, the W.I.N.D. International Film festival that stands for Women and Diversities. Her gold plated trophy that is resembling Oscar Trophy but in a feminine angelic figure (aka, Women Oscar) is a unique design by her that is a wish for many to achieve. The World Humanitarian Award in Hollywood is a cause of gathering humanitarian people, leaders, filmmakers, talent-oriented people, and artists from all over the globe – that is a magnificent of the glory of her great spirit to help humanity and to make a world peace. Her latest feature documentary film titled – “ISIS CRISIS” that took many courage and three years of non-stop working on this big and heavy subject is another attempt of her pure soul to awaken humanity.

Recently, she launched her pageant show in Hollywood, hoping to inspire more youth and adult. As a founder and president of the “1st Persian Pageant” show having the Mister category in the world beside Miss and Mrs. category and the Golden Global Pageant, she will continue to make many people wishes come true and inspire them through their inner beauty and humanitarian acts. These pageants are good samples of it. In 2016 she got the title of Miss Excellence in Community in Miss Asia USA and Queen of Persia by Mighty Vision Pictures. She’s a proud winner of over 37 beauty queens contest worldwide. The World Cinema Academy in Hollywood has a great and unique motto – “Live, Learn, Action”. This private school is a shortcut to make inspiring talents to be the star. It is hope for so many international and local students to find the best and fast way of becoming a superstar through mentorship of a great Academy level film directors, producers such as Elham and her winners of the WIND international Film Festival. Elham is a pure soul, a real new century soul mother, unique philanthropist, talented individual and determined film-maker who is determined to improve the lives of many people in the world. Her quantitative education, organizations and great achievements in the art and film industry have empowered millions of aspiring filmmakers and still very certain to empower millions to come. She is the voice of many voiceless people in the world, an iconic celebrity role model and outstanding innovator who has the best to offer the whole world through her art.