The World Cinema Academy, is a film institution in Hollywood which is open to people with great aspiration for professional career in film art and cinematography.

It is a community of established artists to help upcoming artists promote and develop their talents by producing beautiful and unique works through the mainframe production of Mighty Vision Pictures, Inc. and inducting them into the magnificent WIND International Film Festival in Hollywood.

The World Cinema Academy (WCA) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization supporting the advancement and recognition of the art and motion picture industry worldwide. It also supports female talents and people with a diverse background to have them under one umbrella and to create more unity, fairness, and peace in the world. WCA provides a vast, unique resource of services such as outstanding red carpet events, reports, media coverage and tremendous networking opportunities.

WCA members enjoys great opportunities such as being involve in the film industries, scholarships, advanced seminars and technological supports through acting/filmmaking workshops organized for local and international talented students. WCA also gives standing ovation to famous celebrities, icons and reputable individuals with inspiring talents and also helps new faces or voices of creative people to be discovered and recognized by professionals globally.

Are you passionate about film and cinema, and want to pursue your interest with a film degree? You could unleash your creativity, develop your own unique style, and build your technical skills and knowledge in production techniques with a film degree which will empower you for opportunities and careers in the ever-changing media industry.

WCA Offers Diploma, Undergraduate, Bachelor of Arts (B.A) film degree programs, which focus on the core strands of film courses which are divided into :

• TECHNICAL EDUCATION IN FILM-MAKING – Focusing on good camera use, editing techniques, lighting, sound, production design and directing.

• FILM HISTORICAL THEORY – Giving context and meaning to film by analyzing historical and socio-cultural backgrounds, as well as using critical approaches such as feminism, realism and philosophy to explore the different cinema genres that has developed over time.

If your film degree course is Technical Education in Film-making, you’ll be taught how to make mini films using high-quality camera, lighting and editing equipment, developing your practical skills and gaining more independence as the course goes-on. Depending on your course, you could be taught with the machinery of traditional classroom instruction, hands-on workshops or seminars. WCA takes advantage of proximity by taking the students on excursion to popular media centers, studios, cinemas and theaters in Hollywood .

Students intelligence in film-making are being assessed by using a mix of projects or portfolios, through more theory-based film courses which include essays. Students are also being examined in practical group work and skill assessment examination... Your film degree will culminate in a practical and theoretical project, such as a dissertation or graduate film production project, in which you’ll bring together what you’ve learned, presenting a contextual reflection of your work and demonstrating your knowledge of industry-standard production techniques, cinematography skills and industry or marketing awareness.

Optional courses at WCA typically include popular film genres, film aesthetics, cinema history, close ups on film and television, production skills, screenwriting/creative writing, film criticism, storytelling and analysis, cinematography and cinema in alternative cultures. WCA also offer you the opportunity to take part in a placement in the creative industry or participate in guest talks from filmmakers, which will allow you to learn more about how the film industry works.
• We provide a very safe upscale dormitory in our academy at the northern part of Hollywood above a beautiful hill with pool and many great facilities.You will be given the opportunity to know your fellow classmates better and build up a future networking opportunity.

• You will be given the opportunity to meet some of the best teachers, casting directors, film directors, producers and legendary actors. You will also be opportune to meet worldwide celebrities and learn the secret of how to become an outstanding star in Hollywood.

• Depending on which package you enroll for, at the end of workshops, you will be provided the opportunity to showcase your work and step into Hollywood film productions.

• Upon finishing intensive workshops with us, you will be given tremendous opportunities such as acting or a talent-oriented position in our productions. Tremendous other opportunities such as being part of big budget feature films, music videos, fashion show, beauty pageant, talent show, film festival, celebrity event reports and many more.

• Even if you do not have any specific filmmaking qualifications or experience, we will bring out of you the passion for film-making as a subject and also ensures that you learn with your personal statement of purpose.
Our celebrity exchange is an achievable success because of extreme visibility, wide distribution, and the exceptional community that we create.
Students are given the opportunity to meet celebrities and some of the best filmmakers to build a very strong and powerful connection in the film industry.

Tutorials on the celebrity lifestyle also establish a trailblazing platform for our students to be recognized honourably by celebrities as the best among the many because of our established years of experience in producing the best red carpets event and award shows in Hollywood.
It is the Academy’s philosophy that the most significant art form of its time is the moving image. Through the medium of film, individuals, communities, and nations express their most profound visions of humanity to the world. The ever-growing and evolving mediums of easy film editing and effect application are creating new platforms for creative professionals to express themselves and the Academy’s programs have grown to reflect these advancements in the visual arts.

Intensity is a hallmark of the Academy’s workshops, which range from screenwriting to documentary filmmaking to producing for film and television. Students who partake in these workshops eat, drink and breathe filmmaking, acting, or photography from day one. Their classes emphasize hands-on learning and inspire creativity. They also provide hard facts students need to begin the process of developing creative, thought provoking, and entertaining work. This is not a course for passive participants. Students must take an active role in every aspect of the workshop.

Students write, direct, shoot, and edit their own short films in the Academy’s hands-on workshops. Students in the workshops develop skills that apply to all their future pursuits. The organizational, leadership, writing, and critical thinking skills learned through producing complex productions will be of enormous value to students at the Academy and in all their future endeavors.